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The Value of a Davidson Academy Education

When Should My Child Enroll at Davidson Academy Online?

At Davidson Academy Online, we accept students who are academically ready for coursework at least at an advanced middle school level to join our community of gifted learners. We offer a full middle school and high school curriculum through our online school. Unlike in a traditional school system, we group our students by ability rather than age.

As a middle school and high school for gifted learners, students can enter our school at different stages of their academic career. With the flexibility to join us at any level, parents and students often ask the question: When is the best time to enroll at Davidson Academy Online?

We think of an education at Davidson Academy Online as an investment in your academic future. Our students are exposed to a higher level of academic rigor and opportunities that families won’t find in many traditional school systems. We offer independent study programs with university partners, the opportunity for students to act as mentors and teach their peers, and a variety of unique electives and academic tracks.

As with any investment, the earlier and more you start contributing, the better return you’ll see in the future. Student who joins our community in early middle school will likely see more compounding in their academic investment than students who starts in high school. From a curated academic plan to additional connections made, there are many benefits to enrolling at the Davidson Academy Online as a gifted middle school student.

Understand the Academic Benefits

This idea of compound investing at Davidson Academy Online is best illustrated with a deeper look at our academic and graduation requirements. In the chart below, you’ll see the graduation requirements for a diploma from Davidson Academy Online.

Students who begin our program in middle school are able to complete important course work that will set them up for success in required high school courses. With core classes completed earlier in their time at Davidson Academy Online, students have the flexibility to pursue higher-level specializations and dig deeper into additional academic areas of interest. For instance, older students who have earned their required credits have the space in their schedules to delve deeper into topics such as literary theory or advanced mathematical modeling.

Beyond the Classroom

Students who begin their education at Davidson Academy Online early see advantages beyond the classroom as well. Studying at Davidson Academy Online is an adjustment for even the most gifted learners. Our classes are accelerated by approximately three standard grade levels, and our teaching methods vary from those of traditional institutions. Our students must learn to think and motivate themselves independently. Adjusting to the schedule and workload at Davidson Academy Online can take time. Students who immerse themselves in this environment during middle school adjust more quickly and are more apt to build stronger relationships with advisors and teachers than students who start later. Therefore, students who enroll in Davidson Academy Online in middle school have the knowledge and confidence to pursue unique learning opportunities throughout high school.

While we advocate for students to begin at Davidson Academy Online earlier in their academic careers, we acknowledge that all students are different. Each learner has unique needs, and Davidson Academy Online is committed to providing a positive, challenging, and rewarding academic experience to any gifted student who is part of our middle school or high school.

High School Diploma Requirements

Required Credits
World Language3
Physical Education2
Arts and Humanities Electives2
Financial Literacy.5
General Electives5