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Marrianne Finnoff


I was born in Boulder Colorado where I grew up alongside my two big brothers and sister playing in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. I went to CU Boulder for my first two years of college, and then transferred to UNR, here in Reno Nevada, to cross country ski race for the university. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I always loved science! Throughout my college career I studied all types of subjects but science stood out above the rest. I heard my name called by microbiology and medicine (both my brothers are physicians), as well as the rocks and geology of this gorgeous planet we call home (love collecting rocks and rock climbing), but I finally found the perfect combination in becoming a science teacher. I absolutely love working with curious young people who ask lots of questions and are awe struck by the complexities of our universe as much as I am!
When I am not playing and learning with you all, I am living my best life with my kids Finn (10) and Mia (8), riding bikes, climbing trees, looking for spectacular sunsets and sparkly rivers, gardening, making art, laughing as much as possible, and snuggling with as many animals as we can fit on the couch!