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Single-Course Enrollments

Davidson Academy Online offers English and math courses for single-course enrollment.

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Single Course Information and Offerings

  • Single courses start with the English and math courses listed. Once applicants are accepted as single-course students, they are able to progress through the curriculum in that subject.
  • Single-course students access the same course curriculum and have the same workload expectations as full-time students.  
  • Davidson Academy Online instructors teach single-course students along with full-time students in the same classes.
  • Single courses run for the full academic year, currently the end of August through mid-May. 
  • Students earn credit for single courses through Davidson Academy Online. 
  • English

    Two courses available. Students should be working at a ninth grade level at the time of assessment. 

  • Math

    One course available. Approved for the UC "C" requirement. Students should have mastery of Algebra I content at the time of assessment. 

Single Course Eligibility Criteria


Submit qualifying test scores-in the subject area they are applying for-from our list of accepted tests (click for more information).


Students must reside in the US or Canada. Due to our intense live session schedule, students outside of time zones covered by the US are at a disadvantage.

Academic Level

Exhibit an academic level of advanced middle school or higher in English or math that meets placement requirements for Davidson Academy Online curriculum.

Affective Traits

Demonstrate motivation, social and emotional maturity, and overall readiness for an intensely accelerated educational environment.

Online Experience

Be committed to actively participating in an online educational environment with a synchronous component. We strongly recommend that applicants have experience with synchronous online learning.

Application Deadline

The 2023-2024 application is open until February 28, 2023.

Tuition and Fees

Nevada Residents

Non-Nevada Residents

Fees and Other Expenses

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