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Gifted Online Courses

Davidson Academy Online is a fully accredited sister school of the school that opened more than 10 years ago on the University of Nevada, Reno to support the unique needs of our nation's brightest students. Now, the Davidson Academy Online makes it possible for students to earn a Davidson Academy high school diploma without relocating to Reno, Nevada.

Core Values of Davidson Academy Online Courses

Davidson Academy Online courses are designed specifically for profoundly gifted students based on courses taught at the Davidson Academy's day school in Reno. All courses will adhere to the following core values:

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Courses will have an appropriate level of rigor that will challenge students to achieve in a supportive online classroom that encourages academic risk and growth.


Courses will provide students with a highly supportive learning environment that will address the needs of individual learners and provide opportunities for student voice in learning.

Critical Thinking

Courses will provide opportunities for participants to think critically, form and support opinions, and experience a variety of perspectives.

Rich Discourse

Courses will rely on a rich and authentic two-way discourse between all participants.


Courses will contain synchronous instructional elements that require collaboration among participants.


Courses will have a flexible learning plan so that they are responsive to the needs of individual students.

Single-Course Enrollment

Davidson Academy Online also offers English and math courses for single-course enrollment.

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