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Choose Your Own Adventure: Book Clubs

Course Description

Choose Your Own Adventure: Book Clubs is a course designed by YOU! In this largely discussion-based course, you will have the opportunity to choose the content, activities, and assessments. From the book selection to the weekly meeting topics to the final projects, this course is designed around (and by) you. Each week, you’ll have a menu of options for earning a set number of points and preparing your book club meeting agenda. At the end of each 5-week book club cycle, you will choose the final project that interests you the most and share it with your classmates. The only non-negotiable elements of the course are you must do the reading and you must participate in the book club meeting in some way. So, if you like to read and talk about what you’re reading, this is the course for YOU!

Course Objectives

  • Determining personal preferences about writing styles, genres, and other features of fiction based on exposure to a variety of fictional texts and discussions with others.
  • Preparing for and leading academic discussions centered around a common reading experience.
  • Responding to reading in creative and thought-provoking ways.