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Graduation Requirements

Subject Area Requirements

Davidson Academy Online awards advanced high school diplomas to students who successfully complete all 28 required credits as outlined below. Click the subject areas to view available courses.


4.0 credits in a variety of writing and literature courses.


4.0 credits with introductory through advanced courses available.


4.0 credits with courses in biology, chemistry, and physics required.


3.0 credits with courses in U.S. history, American government, and world history required.

World Language

3.0 credits with at least 2.0 credits in the same language.

General Electives

5.0 credits in courses designed based on student interest and faculty expertise.

Arts and Humanities

2.0 credits in courses ranging from visual art and music to psychology and philosophy.

Physical Education

2.0 credits earned through a combination of courses and outside activities.


0.5 credit in Health and 0.5 credit in Financial Literacy.

Course Catalog

See a full listing of all Davidson Academy Online courses and curriculum overviews.

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