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College Advising

Davidson Academy Online college and career advising is individualized. We encourage our students to be in the driver’s seat with regard to planning their future, and our Student Services Team is there to assess student interest, provide resources, offer encouragement, and advise them as they work toward their goals. Our school counselors are in a position to meet with students whenever they wish to begin exploring secondary and post-secondary options. Most college advising begins in a student’s ninth grade year. College and career services include, but are not limited to, support in the following areas:

  • Utilizing career and college planning tools available through Davidson Academy Online including YouScience, Scoir, and College Kickstart
  • Building resumes
  • Navigating college roadmaps
  • Offering a College Seminar elective for juniors
  • High school informational college nights
  • College application workshops
  • College representative visits
  • Creating and refining a balanced college list that reflects a student’s academic, social, and financial needs
  • Accessing financial planning resources and scholarship opportunities

Visit our School Profile to read some of the information that the Academy provides to colleges. To contact the College Advising team, please email

See also our Graduation Requirements page.