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Academic Readiness Assessment

The academic readiness assessment is a crucial part of how we determine whether Davidson Academy Online will be a good fit for applicants. This curriculum-based measurement offers a strong indication of an applicant’s likelihood of success at Davidson Academy Online. Since the assessment reflects the daily work of Davidson Academy Online students, it provides information beyond that which can be gleaned from standardized achievement and IQ tests. IQ tests reflect potential, which is of great importance, but academic readiness is about determining which skill sets are already in place. Therefore, the results of this assessment are a significant part of the overall acceptance process.

Students who meet or exceed the published Eligibility Criteria will be invited to complete assessment activities online through our learning management and video conferencing systems.


The academic readiness assessment takes place over a consecutive Thursday and Friday and is conducted online through our learning management system and video conferencing platforms. Students should plan to spend around 11 hours on the assessment activities over the two-day window. 

  • Thursday

    • Objective exams open at 6:00 am PT
    • First live session 12:15 - 5:00 pm PT (HS)/12:15 - 4:45 pm PT (MS)
  • Friday

    • Second live session 12:30 - 3:00 pm PT
    • Objective exams due by 11:59 pm PT


The academic readiness assessment consists of several components designed to gauge where applicants are performing in relation to the Davidson Academy Online curriculum. Knowing applicants' skill levels across subject areas allows the admissions team to determine whether applicants can place into all the courses needed for an on-time graduation. For more details, please review the tasks and video below.

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Objective Exams

Applicants take timed, multiple-choice critical reading, science reasoning, and math mastery exams in our learning management system. These can be completed during any non-live session time.

Writing Assessment: First Response and Discussion

During the Thursday live session, applicants read and respond to a short story individually and then discuss the short story as a group.

Writing Assessment: Analysis Essay

During the Thursday session, applicants receive instruction on composing a literary analysis essay and write a rough draft. In the Friday live session, applicants revise their essays based on instructor feedback.

Student Interview

Applicants meet with a member of the Davidson Academy Online admissions team for a conversation about their educational goals and interests during the Friday live session.

Online Learning Readiness Self-Assessment

Applicants complete a self-assessment designed to estimate their readiness for learning in the online format. This self-assessment is viewed as supplemental to an application and can be completed during any non-live session time.

Assessment Overview Video

See an overview of Davidson Academy Online's academic readiness assessment for both full-time and and single-course applicants.

Assessment FAQs

When will applicants assess?

What parts of the assessment do applicants for single courses complete?

How are applicants evaluated?

How can applicants prepare for assessment?

When will applicants receive a decision letter?