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Application & Admissions FAQs

Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Davidson Academy Online's application and admission processes.

When is the 2024-25 application deadline?

Can international students attend Davidson Academy Online?

Can students enroll in January?

Other than tuition, what additional costs can families expect to pay for Davidson Academy Online activities or fees?

If a student is enrolled in Davidson Academy Online and their sibling is also accepted, is there a tuition discount for the sibling?

Can I get a list of technology specifications for the course?

What is the minimum age to apply for Davidson Academy Online?

It seems like the Davidson Institute and Davidson Academy Online understand that age is not indicative of ability level, so why are there age ranges for applicant eligibility?

Can students take just one or two Davidson Academy Online courses?

How do I submit a testing score for the application?

Where can I get my child tested for the application?

Application System FAQ

How do I access the Application System? 

Which web browsers can be used with the Application System?

Can I use a tablet to access the Application System?

How do I log in to the system to start applying?

Will I be receiving any email notifications after I apply through the Application System?


Review the eligibility requirements for the Davidson Academy Online.

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