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Davidson Academy Online - Independent: FAQs

The Davidson Institute has worked for more than two decades to create opportunities for profoundly gifted young people. The Institute is the parent organization of a number of phenomenal programs and opportunities for this population. These programs include Young Scholars, Fellows Scholarship, Summer Programs, Explore, Davidson Academy, and an alumni program. The FAQs below are designed to address the initial questions we expect regarding the recent announcement of establishing Davidson Academy Online as a separate independent (private) school still under the Davidson Institute but separate from the Davidson Academy Reno campus, which will continue to operate as a Nevada public school. If you have questions not addressed in the list below please reach out to

FAQs About Establishment of Davidson Academy Online as a Separate Independent School

You mention the complexities of running an online school across 50 states. Are you able to elaborate on those complexities?

How does this change impact Davidson's commitment to public education in Nevada?

Will Davidson Academy Reno be converting to an independent school?

What does this mean for tuition?

What does this mean in terms of scholarships?

Are there going to be different entry requirements for Davidson Academy Reno and Davidson Academy Online?

When you become an independent school in 2022-23, will this change any of the support services offered to students?

Does this mean that you’ll be offering more/different classes?

How will transfers work between Davidson Academy Reno and Davidson Academy Online?

Will there still be shared extracurriculars or access to Davidson Academy Reno extracurriculars?

How will Davidson Academy Online accommodate students who are twice-exceptional (2e)?

Are all Young Scholars automatically qualified to apply for Davidson Academy Online as it falls under Davidson Institute?

As an entity of Davidson Institute, will Young Scholar (YS) services automatically be available to all Davidson Academy Online families?

What does this mean in terms of accreditation (specifically in terms of University of California A-G requirements and NCAA)?

Davidson Academy Online Transitioned to an Independent School in 2022-23

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