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Student Insights

Davidson Academy Online is designed to be much more than just a school. Students experience friendship with intellectual peers, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, and more.

Coming to the Davidson Academy online campus has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I learned early on that it took hard work, organization, and a genuine desire to learn in order to succeed. So I worked on it. I grew to appreciate how much each one of my courses pushed me to be the best I could be. - Jasmine

The thing that I enjoy the most about being a student at Davidson is the community. We are like a family; I genuinely believe that all of the administration, teachers, counselors, staff and other students care about me. Also, the classes really put the learner in a position where they can move at a rapid pace and build their own knowledge. Rather than just internalizing information, we actively create it. - Keegan

It’s insane how easy it is to connect and relate to the people around you at DAO. When you think about it, it is pretty crazy, as the students who attend are from all over the country are from various educational backgrounds, and have a wide variety of hobbies and interests among them. Despite all these differences, DAO has pulled all of us together, and it’s nearly effortless to find something in common with every student here. - Maggie

While there are many benefits to Davidson Academy Online, my favorite part of the program has been meeting new friends that live all across the country. I talk in group chats and host calls to talk with my friends on a daily basis. We all feel very closely connected, as there is a sense of real, genuine community in our school. - Nate

In public school, I just had to sit in class and do work that was below my level. I finally feel like I am learning in an environment fit for me. Along with a stimulating curriculum, I’m finally surrounded by like-minded peers. Because of this, I’ve made strong friendships and connections throughout my two years. Davidson has helped me become a successful student too . . . The school is meant for gifted kids and it shows in everything they do. Thanks to Davidson I finally feel at home at school. - Caroline

My favorite part about Davidson Academy Online is being in classes with my intellectual peers. Doing work with my classmates is no longer busywork; instead, it is an time for learning and sharing ideas. I have made many friends during my time so far here. - Anne

Despite the online aspect, I've met some of my closest friends from DAO, frequently speaking to them outside of class. I've met some of them in person due to the summer and winter retreats DAO hosts, and whenever I visit a city with a friend of mine from DAO, we always meet up. I hope you consider applying to DAO and can't wait to meet you! - Juhi

Though classes are amazing, what I really love about DAO is sitting in a breakout room working with my classmates. I am surrounded by these brilliant, kind, funny, wacky, creative people who can make me laugh so hard that I feel like I am going to cry, but can also help me see a new perspective on the subjects that I had never considered. - Graham

A Day in the Life

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