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Teaching Methods

The unique teaching methods and curriculum at Davidson Academy Online focus on critical thinking skills and have sincere regard for the unique needs of individual learners. The faculty and staff at our middle and high school are well versed in the needs of profoundly gifted students, and every aspect of the Davidson Academy Online experience is molded to fit those needs.

Since Davidson Academy Online students are homogeneously grouped, teachers are able to teach classes at very advanced levels and use methods that provoke understanding, thought, and debate. Teacher selection is based upon a combination of traits, which include professional qualifications, sincere warmth, passion, and ingenuity.

At the core of Davidson Academy Online pedagogy:

  • We are committed to building a rigorous curriculum suited to the needs of profoundly gifted learners.
  • We create dynamic classes that focus on higher-order thinking skills, challenging students to think creatively and critically and express themselves effectively.
  • We offer students access to experiential opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • We group students by demonstrated ability instead of age, and we build each student’s schedule based on their unique knowledge, skills, and interests.
  • We emphasize different types of classroom discussion strategies, promote higher-level thinking skills rather than memorization, and focus on the analysis of primary sources.
  • In all subjects, students will explore multiple “right” answers or processes and debate the merits of each. Students also develop and present various ways of solving problems and supporting arguments.

This learning environment is particularly suited to the needs of extremely bright students in other respects as well. Profoundly gifted students need to interact with like-minded cohorts in order to discuss, experiment, and reach their potential as learners. Such students also need teachers who understand how to shape classroom experiences around the uncommon nuances of their thinking. The interpersonal and instructional dynamics at Davidson Academy Online accommodate both of these needs in a school atmosphere that is vibrant with intellectual energy and dialogue.

We understand that students have different learning styles and vary the types of assignments given to keep the curriculum stimulating for all students. We also create opportunities for students to engage with the real world through hands-on projects. It’s not uncommon to find our students building trebuchets for a physics assignment, reenacting important history topics, or doing community outreach while honing their Spanish-speaking skills.


Our unique teaching methods are brought to life by the faculty at Davidson Academy Online. Middle and high school courses at Davidson Academy Online are taught by a variety of licensed secondary teachers and university professors. Teacher selection is based upon a combination of traits, which include professional qualifications, sincere warmth, ingenuity, and passion for their subject areas and for teaching. Several of our teachers hail from the nearby University of Nevada, Reno, and most of the teachers at Davidson Academy Online have a master’s degree or higher in the subject they are teaching. Davidson Academy Online faculty look to students for inspiration regarding course content, instructional methods, materials, and the overall evolution of the school.

See a selection of Davidson Academy Online instructor perspectives

“The teachers at Davidson Academy Online are simply exceptional. They know every one of us by name. They know our strengths and weaknesses, and use that knowledge to meet the needs of each individual student. They never stop pushing us to learn more. The teachers have not only taught me the necessary equations and facts, but how to analyze them, how to present them and how to create my own ideas around them.”  ~Davidson Academy Online Student

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Independent Study and Internships

Along with secondary and post-secondary teachers, Davidson Academy Online enlists the services of qualified mentors and offers other forms of independent study in the context of the students’ academic plans. From community internships to learning opportunities at the University of Nevada, Reno and beyond, we promote varied opportunities for instruction and mentorship. Our students have pursued individual independent study opportunities in various subjects.

Students may also pursue internships for academic credit. Popular internships include working in science or medical labs, teaching in local schools, or working with various community members on projects of interest. Some of our students have even had their work published in academic journals while they are still in high school! The faculty and staff at Davidson Academy Online are well connected with companies and organizations that span a variety of fields and are able to help students build important connections and unlock unique opportunities related to their academic areas of interest.

Additionally, students may also choose to lead an independent study group. This unique opportunity at Davidson Academy Online provides our students with the ability to pursue an academic area of interest, without losing the benefits of group discussion and teamwork.

“My Independent Study evolved from a lab shadowing experience that I initiated during my summer break. My interest in Neuroscience led me to interact with world-class faculty members at a top-tier university as well as undergrads, grad students and a postdoctoral fellow who are dynamic thinkers. They investigate ideas, connect and collaborate to problem solve, and seek to create new understandings through their discoveries. I am currently involved in a lab that studies molecules, cells and circuits underlying circadian rhythms in mammals using techniques that include planar electrode arrays, real-time cellular imaging and genetic manipulations to provide insight into the roles of specific molecules, cells, and tissues in the varied repertoire of daily behaviors. As a Davidson Academy Online student, this unique opportunity is a major contribution which adds a new dimension, fresh perspective, exposure to new ideas and enrichment that extends beyond my online learning during the academic year.”  ~12-year-old Davidson Academy Online Student

Student Schedules

Davidson Academy Online student schedules are designed around the unique needs of gifted learners. Classes are small, with an average of less than fifteen students, to promote personalized learning and attention.

Core classes meet Monday through Thursday. Most elective classes are offered as two-hour blocks on Friday, although there are some electives offered Monday through Thursday. Students are also able to get editing assistance from highly qualified peers in the Writing Center. See our courses.

To learn more about Davidson Academy Online’s teaching methods for gifted students, contact us today.