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James Bondarchuk


James began his teaching career as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the math department at Columbia University, where he taught single and multivariable calculus. He later completed a Ph.D. in philosophy at Harvard University. While at Harvard, he taught a wide range of undergraduate philosophy courses and acted as the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies for his department. He is a three-time recipient of Harvard’s Certificate of Distinction in Teaching and a two-time recipient of Harvard's Richard M. Martin Prize Fellowship. His dissertation, titled "Self-Consciousness in Kant's Moral Philosophy," won the George Plimpton Adams Award for best doctoral dissertation in philosophy. James teaches math and philosophy at Davidson Academy Online and is constantly thinking of ways to expand the curriculum in both. His dedication to teaching is sustained by his conviction that the pursuit of knowledge is not just a means to something else but rather valuable for its own sake. What drew him to the Academy in particular is the school’s foundational commitment to the full intellectual development of its students, regardless of age.