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Academic Planning

Academic plans are consistent with the Davidson Academy Online philosophy of treating students as individuals who are invested in their own learning. Since students are grouped by ability rather than age in core courses, they may progress through the core curriculum in different ways.

Ability Grouping in Action

The Davidson Academy Online curriculum and assessment teams place students in core courses that are appropriately challenging for each student. Below are three different sample course loads for a student in the eighth grade.

8th Grader A

Critical Reading and Writing MS
Early Civilizations MS
Physical Science MS
Algebra II/Pre-Calculus
Music Theory I

8th Grader B

Composition and Analysis MS
Patterns in Modern History MS
Environmental Science MS
Spanish Fundamentals I/II

8th Grader C

Rhetoric and Literary Analysis
History of the United States
Algebra II
Chinese II

Academic Planning Process

Academic planning takes place during the spring semester for returning students. At this time, academic advisors are available in both small group and individual settings to guide students through the core and elective course selection process based on students' interests, levels of ability, achievement, and motivation. This is also a time for students to review their progress towards graduation and build multi-year course plans.

For new students, academic planning takes place in the summer. During this time, new students complete placement testing, meet with Davidson Academy Online staff for orientations on course progressions and graduation requirements, and select elective courses with guidance from academic advisors.

students working together in class

Academic Planning in Advisory


Academic Planning with an Advisor

Academic Planning FAQs

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