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Clubs and Activities


Throughout the school year students participate in a variety of activities both online with their classmates and in their local communities. Davidson Academy Online students have participated in our ongoing guest lecture series, speech and debate tournaments, math and science competitions, writing and art competitions, monthly community meetings, theater, music, and art. Davidson Academy Online students also participate in many activities in their local communities, including volunteering, competitive sports, music programs, art programs, theater programs, math competitions and more!


Each year students at Davidson Academy Online have the opportunity to form student-led clubs. These clubs are formed based on shared interests and activities among students and are facilitated by a staff member. Currently, Davidson Academy Online has 13 student-led clubs:

  • Chess Club
  • Computer Science  Club (ACSL competition)
  • Cooking Club
  • Drama/Theatre Club
  • Math Club
  • Mental Health and Neurodiversity Alliance
  • Music Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Sexualities and Genders Alliance
  • Speech And Debate Club
  • Star Wars Fan Club
  • Students of Color Alliance (SoCA)
  • ZINC