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Tracy Sangster


Tracy Sangster began her career in higher education, teaching composition and literature courses at the university and community college levels for fifteen years. During this time, she became curious about the possibilities of digital learning and began moving more and more of her curriculum online, a path that eventually led her to Davidson Academy Online in 2016. Since then, Tracy has developed and taught multiple English courses for DAO and is also the faculty director of our school's Writing Center.

Tracy is dedicated to the growth of online education, and she is always on the lookout for new ways to implement educational technologies. During the past five years she has attended many ed tech and digital learning conferences and has presented for Blackboard, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and DLAC (Digital Learning Alliance Conference), as well as offering several webinars on various aspects of online teaching. In 2020 she completed a professional certification in ed tech with ISTE and was also awarded the Blackboard Catalyst Award in Teaching and Learning.

Originally from Southern California, Tracy earned her BA and MA in English Literature from California State University at Long Beach. In 2018, she moved from Reno to Tucson, AZ, where she currently lives among the saguaros with her husband, teenage daughter, and Ozzie the dog. Even though Tracy has lived the past 20 years in Nevada and Arizona, she is still SoCal at heart, which is why she is a die-hard Los Angeles Dodgers fan and a citizen of Disneyland. In her free time Tracy enjoys solving crossword puzzles, Geocaching, shopping for books and vinyl records, riding scary roller coasters, playing strategy board games, and taking road trips to national parks.