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Course Overview

This semester-long course is designed to help students engage with fitness. In this course students will find exercise and movements that works for them and that can be practiced throughout their time in school. Additionally, students will learn about the body, different exercises, benefits of an active lifestyle, to exercise on a regular basis, and how to connect their mind and body to help be more aware of their bodies and what they need. Lastly, students will measure growth from the beginning of the semester to the end with statistics and maintain a reflective journal.

This course fulfills 0.5 of the Physical Education requirement and may be taken more than once to earn additional Physical Education credits.

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to Fitness

In this unit students learn the science behind why fitness is an important life long skill. They will discover the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a regular fitness regime and begin to implement one into their lives.

Unit 2: Exploring Different Forms of Fitness

In this unit students will explore different ways to exercise including: yoga, pilates, cardio, weight training, body weight training, interval training, and others as student interest arises. Each week students will learn about a different section of anatomy and how to strengthen and stretch different muscles. Students are guided through safe exercise practices and will continue to grow in their practice of specific exercises throughout the week.

Unit 3: Implementing Fitness

This last unit asks students to apply what they have learned to find and develop their own workouts. Students will take safety and effective workouts into consideration to build workouts for themselves and classmates to demonstrate mastery of skills learned in Unit 1 and 2. This unit prepares students to continue a fitness regime once the class has ended.