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Course Overview

This elective will focus on using proper laboratory techniques, and collaborating with peers, and writing up your findings. These skills are essential for success in higher level science courses. This course includes hands-on science labs.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the nature of science including scientific methods. Show a basic ability to organize, interpret, analyze, and evaluate scientific data.
  • Consistently synthesizes basic formal lab write ups including introduction, hypothesis, materials, procedures/methods, data, and forming conclusions.
  • Adhere to laboratory safety rules and regulations. Complete work fully and on time unless previously collaboratively agreed upon between teacher and student. Participate actively and appropriately in both individual and group activities including lab work, and class discussions.

Topics Covered in the Forensics Labs:

  • Getting started & Lab Safety (learn how to use the HOL website)
  • Crime Scene Sketching and Evidence Collection
  • Analysis of Glass
  • Explosives and Explosive Residue
  • Arson Investigation
  • Lifting Fingerprints Dusting
  • Classification of Fingerprints