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Algebra II/Pre-Calculus

Course Overview

This course is a challenging, accelerated combination of Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. Fall semester will cover Algebra II, and spring semester will cover Pre-Calculus. The course is designed for students who:

  • Have strong algebra and problem solving skills
  • Are highly motivated to learn mathematics
  • Are intrinsically motivated to succeed in this course
  • Are highly organized
  • Can take good notes
  • Have good self-advocacy skills
  • Are ready for a LOT of work

Algebra II covers linear and quadratic functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, analytic geometry, graphing techniques, using matrices for solving systems of equations and inequalities, conic sections, and complex numbers, using selected units of the Sullivan Precalculus text. Students will work closely with the expressions that define functions and continue to improve their ability to model situations and solve equations. Students will build on their foundation of Algebra and Geometry in this class to be able to use their new skills for new problem-solving situations, exhibit increased confidence in their ability to solve mathematical problems, and be prepared for Precalculus and beyond.

Pre-calculus provides the foundation for a deeper investigation into differential calculus. We start with a deep dive into trigonometry, including ratio definitions, the unit circle, graphs, identities and equations, along with the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines. We extend the study of trigonometry by investigating polar coordinates and graphs and vectors. In preparation for more complex topics in calculus, the course also covers parametric equations, partial fractions, systems of inequalities, and sequences and series. The last unit begins the study of limits and derivatives, which provides an easy segue to the first topics of calculus.