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Passion Project

Course Overview

Have you ever come up with a great idea for a story but just didn’t have time to write it? Well, now’s your chance! In this course, you will spend time writing your science fiction story collection, sweeping fantasy novel, fanfic opus, poetry chapbook, future Oscar-winning screenplay, Broadway musical, nonfiction compendium about Minecraft, or whatever words-based project you’ve been wanting to create but have just been too busy to write.

This class will be two hours in length each Friday. Much of the live session will be sacred writing time, but there will be periodic peer editing sessions you will participate in as well as some mini-lessons. Prompts will not be provided in this class; you, the author, will generate your ideas and the instructor and the other writers in the class will help you plan out, edit, and construct the piece.
The course will be Pass/Fail, which will be based upon your participation during live sessions, and the progress you make on your Passion Project each semester.
No pre-requisites required.