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DAO’s Dr. Jessica Potts to Present for Parents of Gifted Children April 25

Dr. Jessica Potts

Dr. Jessica PottsDr. Jessica Potts, the Davidson Academy Online Curriculum Coordinator, will be delivering this month’s ECHA (Empowering Families with High Ability Children) lecture Thursday, April 25 at 19:00 CET (1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific).

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It is well-established that parents play a vital role in the intellectual development and social-emotional well-being of their gifted children. Parents are often the first to notice gifted characteristics in their children, and they can influence their children’s attitude toward school, their motivation, and even their academic achievement. Effective collaboration between families and educators is vital for the well-being of gifted children and the longevity of gifted programs. This lecture will offer educators and administrators best practices for engaging with the families of the students they serve.  Presenters Jessica Potts (Davidson Academy Online), Martina Rosenboom (Talent Consulting), Julie Taplin (Potential Plus UK), and Britta Weinbrandt (Arts & Change-Coaching) will share what has worked for them and their organizations and will open the floor for participants to share their ideas, questions, and concerns.

Jessica, Martina, Julie, and Britta are representatives of the ECHA SIG Empowering Families of High Ability Children, which aims to create a platform for collaboration, information sharing, and mutual support. By bringing together parents, caregivers, educators, counselors, and experts from various European countries, Empowering Families with High Ability Children can collectively enhance our understanding and address the unique challenges faced by parents in raising gifted children. More information about the SIG can be found at

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