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The Benefits of Online Learning for Gifted Students

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Online Learning Is a Natural Fit for Gifted Students

  • Online learning provides the opportunity to take advanced courses and access instructors with specializations that may not be available locally. Davidson Academy Online instructors build their virtual “teacher presence” in order to connect with students, as if they were in the same physical classroom.
  • Online learning allows gifted students to take coursework that is specifically targeted for their ability level. Davidson Academy Online is the only school designed specifically for profoundly gifted students with courses grouped by ability, not age.
  • Online learning provides gifted students the opportunity to interact and learn with their intellectual, same-age peers. At Davidson Academy Online, a 12-year-old may be taking Calculus III with other 12-year-olds. In other public schools, a 12-year-old student might not be able to take courses at this level unless accelerated into a class of older students.
  • Gifted students often enjoy online learning due to their familiarity with technology. Davidson Academy Online classes have two 90-minute synchronous sessions per week. During these live sessions with video conferencing, students and instructors are required to have their video cameras on and their microphones ready to go.
  • Online learning courses designed specifically for gifted students create opportunities for them to find the right level of academic challenge for their intellectual abilities. Davidson Academy Online was built after three years of researching best practices in online gifted education, then incorporating the existing Davidson Academy curriculum and personalized learning honed over the past decade, to design a truly unique online learning experience for profoundly gifted students to give them an appropriately challenging education.
  • Online learning that allows gifted students the opportunity to interact with their intellectual peers and where they can be recognized for real achievements improves their social and emotional development. Davidson Academy Online students have a plethora of opportunities for socialization with each other in and out of the classroom, as well as a variety of support services for students including technology, counseling, advising and college admissions services.

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