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DAO Student Kierra Named 2023 Rise Global Winner

Kierra Anabelle Wang

Kierra WangDavidson Academy Online senior Kierra Wang recently had the incredible honor of being named a 2023 Rise Global Winner, an initiative by Schmidt Futures (co-founded by Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google) and Rhodes Trust (the charity that funds Rhodes scholarship, the world’s oldest and arguably one of the most prestigious graduate scholarships).

“The project that led to this prestigious award was born right here in Reno at the De La Mare Science Library. So it’s a truly special achievement for our local community,” Kierra said. “The Rise Global Initiative is highly selective, with only 100 winners chosen from around the world. This means I was competing with some of the brightest minds globally, and I am incredibly grateful to have come out on top and to represent our community. My work is not done yet as my team plans to further our work by reaching out to strategic partners in the area.”

Kierra’s project, “Daybreak,” is an intelligent, affordable wearable device that protects dementia patients through a GPS tracker and heart-rate monitor.

Kierra provided some background on her honor in this Davidson Academy Online blog post.

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