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Exploring Davidson’s Online Gifted Schooling Options

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The simplest adjustments can be so valuable to gifted learners—especially in their formative years. For them, online gifted schools like Davidson Academy Online are much more than getting material delivered at a pace that better suits their needs; they are a gateway to finding like-minded peers who reassure them every day that they have somewhere they belong and always have. 

Davidson Academy Online is the first fully online gifted school that provides innumerable opportunities for gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) learners in middle school and high school, living anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. What’s more, is that it offers students and families a place to connect. The community we have built here provides a sense of trust and stability—a key differentiator compared to other online gifted schools throughout the nation. 

Online education such as that offered by Davidson Academy Online and the Explore program through the Davidson Institute also provides a great opportunity for anyone who may not have access to gifted programs or services in their communities. Not only do online schools for gifted students inspire the pursuit of niche topics that aren’t typically offered in traditional K-12 settings, but they also enrich the lives of profoundly gifted youth by providing a safe space for them to grow their abilities and encourage them to fully immerse themselves in subjects they already naturally excel at or may be interested in. 

Davidson Academy Online works with families one-on-one to boost the confidence of profoundly gifted children and ensure their education paths are rigorous—not rigid. Through empathy and understanding, we give the brightest minds the attention and resources they need to flourish. 

Learn more about how to apply to Explore or Davidson Academy Online.

Dynamic & Flexible: Davidson Academy Online’s Full-Time Curriculum

Online gifted schools like Davidson Academy Online produce profoundly gifted graduates who have a solid and broad-based foundation of knowledge by working with students, families, counselors, and leadership teams to chart an individualized academic plan through our curriculum. We also help parents who may find themselves homeschooling their gifted or twice-exceptional (2e) child by working with them to build a homeschool curriculum that suits their learner’s unique needs as well.  

Davidson Academy Online places emphasis on critical thinking across all subjects and writing is integrated into each and every class. We offer two types of credit: middle school and high school, but given the nature of highly gifted learners, many frequently access both levels of the curriculum simultaneously. We leverage skill-based objectives that build on each other throughout our students’ individualized education plans. Each course follows three core values: rich discourse, collaboration, and flexibility. And with the wide variety of courses offered, from the sciences and humanities to world languages and electives like art, introduction to aviation, music theory, and more, our full-time curriculum encourages students to expand their horizons and pursue their interests with passion and direction. 

Families can attend our Virtual Open Houses and Events to learn more about our school, graduation requirements, and how to start online academic planning

Single Course Enrollments at Davidson Academy Online

Davidson Academy Online offers English and math courses for single-course enrollment that run the full academic year in which students can still earn credits while not being enrolled in our online gifted school full-time. Single-course enrollment through Davidson Academy Online still gives students access to the same course curriculum as full-time students with the same workload expectations, but they will only progress through the curriculum on that specific subject.

As an online gifted school, applicants for single-course enrollment must show a qualifying score on one of these accepted tests in the subject for which they’re applying. For example, students applying for an English course who have submitted an SAT test as a part of their application must meet the minimum score requirement in the EBRW category—meeting the minimum score in Math or in Total Points isn’t considered a qualifying score if they’re applying for a single course in English.

Learn more about single-course offerings from the Davidson Academy Online. 

Davidson Explore: Advanced Online Courses for Students Ages 9-13

The Explore program through the Davidson Institute offers advanced online middle school-level courses to qualifying profoundly gifted students, ages 9-13. This year-long program adapts courses from Davidson Academy Online’s rigorous full-time curriculum to help profoundly gifted youth develop their academic and social skills through humanities, mathematics, and science courses designed to meet them at their own unique academic levels.

To qualify for the Explore Program, students must:

  1. Be in the Young Scholars Program, or
  2. Pass one of these accepted tests

Check out the Davidson Online Learning Infographic for a comparison between the Explore program and Davidson Academy Online. Get details on admissions, including our application process, decision process calendar, and how to apply.

Choosing the Right Online School for Gifted Students

Online schools for gifted students like Davidson Academy Online and Explore provide unmatched guidance and support to profoundly gifted students living anywhere in the U.S. and Canada looking for a place where they can grow and belong. 

Many parents and teachers are under the impression that because gifted students excel in their learning, a traditional schooling environment will be a breeze—this isn’t the case. Gifted students do struggle to stay motivated when their environment isn’t suited to their learning style and pace. Alternative paths to education, like the online schools offered by the Davidson Institute and Davidson Academy Online, help students to study without distractions, learn at a faster pace and give them more time to explore their interests. 

Learn more about our online schools for gifted students and see if Davidson is right for you.

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