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Trial Testing

The Davidson Academy Online Application Review Process requires that applicants submit as part of their application, out-of-level college placement or achievement testing, or IQ testing depending on their grade level at the time of application. In the interest of making more testing options available to applicants, this year [2022-23 application cycle] we are accepting the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) as one of the testing options. As the SSAT is a grade-level normed test, in order to meet the out-of-level test requirement when utilizing this option, there are specific instructions for registering for this test. Qualification Criteria are listed below.

Due to recent federal regulations, a number of standardized test changes are impacting gifted students under the age of 13. With many families of gifted students relying on these tests to gain access to gifted schools and programs, the Davidson Academy Online has been at work brainstorming ways to continue our support of profoundly gifted students and their families and that all eligible students have access to apply. Our admissions practices are designed to ensure that we accept students who are optimally matched to our deep and rigorous curriculum so that they are successful.

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